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Management Consulting | Kyle Venture Advisors
Listen first and focus on people


When we join your team, we roll up our sleeves and get to work. Our first steps are always to listen and learn. As we work with you, we will bring our knowledge, experience, energy and best efforts to bear on your greatest challenges. We know that your business is important to you. So, it’s important to us as well.

Here are the core elements of our philosophy:

Management Consulting | Kyle Venture Advisors
  • People First - It may be cliché, but we believe that people are the reason organizations succeed or fail. Companies that invest in the development of their people will see disproportionate returns.

  • Culture Matters - Anytime people work together, there is a workplace culture. But, is it the culture you want? Being intentional about your culture, proactively developing and nurturing it, is essential to solving many organizational challenges.

  • Rise Above - Many times we see clients mired in the details of tasks and activity. Our methodology encourages you to rise above, to see the bigger picture, the processes and the cultural issues.

  • Start and Stay Focused - Distractions are the enemy of growth and recovery. We can help you focus on the highest priority opportunities and challenges.

  • Build and Refine - Grand challenges are not usually overcome in the first try. Following Lean and Agile methods, we help you define and build a realistic first phase. Then we help you to iteratively expand and refine until you have met and surpassed your goals.

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